What is Noni ?

Noni is a fruit from the plant Morinda citrifolia L. This fruit has its origin rooted in India.

The botanical name Morinda is derived from two latin words, morus indicus. Morus means Mulberry and Indicus means Indian. The name itself shows that Noni is an Indian fruit. This fruit is known as ‘Ach’ in Hindi and ‘Ayushka’ in Sanskrit meaning “Elixir of Life”. This fruit contains more than 200 nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, alkaloids, fatty acids etc.

Noni fruit has a unique cleansing and rejuvenating property. The health enhancing attributes of Noni fruits are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-congestive and cancer inhibiting.

Many health enhancing food supplement, cosmetic and wellness products are manufactured using Noni fruit, all over the world.

What is Divine Noni ?

Divine Noni is a unique proprietary formulation of Prof. P. I. Peter, combining Noni fruit with health enhancing herbs which give a synergetic effect.

It is made from Noni fruits which are organically grown without using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The research projects are guided and lead by the Research Advisory Board of 11 Vice Chancellors and eminent Scientists.

It is manufactured with the intention to create World of Wellness in which everyone is happy, healthy and wealthy.

It is a super food for healthy people to live more healthier and for the sick people to become healthy. Divine Noni is a feel good lifestyle product which works on physical, mental and emotional dimensions of the user.

Many thousands of people all over the world are using Divine Noni daily with amazing results, experiencing wellness and wellbeing in their everyday living. You will experience the beneficial effects of Divine Noni if not within a few days definitely within a few weeks or month of regular use.

If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, choose Divine Noni as your wellness partner and celebrate living a quality life.

Divine Noni – A Super food from a Super fruit.

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